Nikki and Rickie

Nikki and Rickie are a match made in heaven! Not even just because their names rhyme (although that’s pretty cool, too) but because they are just perfect together!! They have a farm! With cows! And adorable dogs! It’s awesome! 🙂     I actually knew Rickie from high school (I was a gym assistant for his class!) but I just met Nikki (in-person) at their session a few weeks ago. I instantly liked her and felt like we had been lifelong friends! I love when that happens!! These two are the cutest cutest cutest couple and I LOVED taking their pictures! Nikki is seriously gorgeous (did you see that beautiful hair? and those bright blue eyes?)- she could be a model. And Rickie is pretty cute, himself. (Side note: I screenshot a picture of Rickie to Nikki after their session. It was from my senior yearbook and Rickie was a freshman in high school and he was just the cutest thing ever. I digress.) Anyway, this couple is the greatest. Enough said. Thank you, Nikki and Rickie for letting me take your pictures! Y’all are the best!!



August 24, 2018

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