GiGi and Me

If I had to do the impossible and rank my favorite sessions of ALL-TIME… THIS session would definitely be up near the top. And that’s saying a lot since I have SO MANY FAVORITE sessions but this GiGi and me session was absolutely perfect. I can’t even express how wonderful these two people are- Angie (GiGi) and Trinity (Angie’s granddaughter). Not only are they both stunningly gorgeous but they are kind and relaxed and fun and that Trinity- I could hang out with her all day.  Everything else was perfect, too. The weather, the lighting!!, their beautiful floral-print outfits, the storybook, the lipstick!! Everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better session and pair to take pictures of. I obviously cannot put into words how much I love these pictures of these two fabulous people. So I won’t even try and I’ll just say THANK YOU, Angie and Trinity! Y’all are the best everrrrr!! Can’t wait until our next session! <3


August 9, 2018

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