Kyle and Beth- Proposal

KYLE AND BETH ARE ENGAGED!!!! They’ve been together since high school (7.5 years, to be exact) and everyone knew they would get married one day….but now it’s official!! I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS PROPOSAL. The planning, the location, the trickery (sounds better than “lies”), the timing, the surprise, the tears, the ring…100% perfect. Kyle called me weeks and weeks ago and asked me to photograph his proposal to Beth. Of course, I was thrilled!! Beth and I talk about their future wedding all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I was so excited to capture this special moment for them!

Kyle and Beth and their families were all going to Mountain Lake to eat lunch for Mother’s Day. The plan was for me and my assistants (my family) to already be up at the overlook on the way up to Mountain Lake. We’d be taking pictures and hanging out and then Kyle and Beth would drive by, see us, and want to stop to say hi. (Beth calls my kids her “babies” and they love her!). When Beth and Kyle would come over to the observation deck, I’d say the kids weren’t cooperating for pictures (probably not too far from the truth) and I’d ask if Beth and Kyle would pose for me for a few minutes. I take their pictures all the time and they are excellent models for me, so I knew Beth would be willing to help out. Then I’d get some pictures of just Beth by herself (looking away) and then Kyle would get down on one knee. Etc. Etc. Flawless plan.

However. My family got to the lookout literally a minute or so before I saw Kyle’s Jeep coming around the corner. Gasp. We weren’t even out of the car yet. It takes us awhile. And for ONCE, we were on time but Kyle and Beth (and a few friends) had arrived a little early! Trying not to panic, we hurried to get the kids out as Kyle parked the car. And then we started playing it cool and acted totally surprised to see them. Beth came over to us and said she thought that was our van (mini-vans rule the world) and she wanted to stop to say hi. Perfect!! I said we were taking pictures of me and the kids for Mother’s Day and Beth, helpful as ALWAYS, offered to take our whole family’s pictures for us. SCORE! So, not only did the plan seem to be going off perfectly, but we got some awesome family pictures out of the day. Thanks, Beth!

After we got our pictures, I asked Beth and Kyle if I could take a few shots of them, since Kyle wasn’t in the last pictures I did ofย  Beth (he was sleeping zzzz). Of course, they both agreed. I took a few pictures of them together and then asked Beth if I could just get some pictures of the back of her hair, since it was perfectly curled and beautiful. So, she turned around and faced the beautiful valley. She always does just what she’s told- no questions asked. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kyle was anxiously waiting so once I got a few of her hair and her pretty face, I backed up for another picture. Kyle got down on one knee and since I didn’t want him sweating it out for much longer, I told Beth she was ready to turn around so I could get a picture of her looking at me. She turned around and the rest is history. It was AWESOME!!!!! Tears were flowing from multiple people (I may or may not have been one of them). Kyle did AMAZING at planning the whole thing and Beth was totally surprised. My favorite part was when she kept saying, “Are you serious right now? Is this real?” and Kyle said, “Yes, it’s a real ring.” Awesome.ย  I am SO SO SO SO excited and happy for this couple, and I cannot wait to photograph their beautiful wedding next year! Love you both, Beth and Kyle!! CONGRATS!!!

May 16, 2018

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