Baby Max- Newborn

I am SO excited to share this blog post today!! It’s one of my favorite newborn sessions ever, for lots of reasons.         1. Baby Max is finally here!! <3  2. Big sister Mallie is so, so happy to have a baby brother! 3. Brandon and Olivia have been our friends for decades. 4. The Webbs have been waiting so long for baby Max to arrive and it’s such a happy, sweet, exciting time for them!! 5. I love their adorable outfits- the bowtie, the dress, the colors…all perfect.       6. That hat and those sloth boots= Fabulous. 7. Newborn sessions (especially ones including siblings!) are SO fun.      8. These are some of my favorite pictures ever so I ended up posting a WHOLE bunch but who cares?

I am so, so, so happy for Brandon, Olivia and Mallie. Baby Max is so loved by so many people and we are all so excited that he is finally here. He is such a blessing to this family! Also, Max is like Mallie’s mini-me (they look so much alike!) and he is the cutest, sweetest little baby! I loved getting to meet him and for the chance to see Mallie interact with her new brother. It’s adorable. I could have taken their pictures all day long- SO FUN! Enjoy some of my favorites from this session…there’s a lot of them but when a baby and his sister are THIS cute, why not share tons of pictures? Congrats, Webb family! I’m so happy for you! <3


April 19, 2018

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