Hannah and Josue- Surprise Announcement

I’m finally getting around to posting these pictures of Hannah and Josue’s pregnancy announcement! We took these right before Christmas but they just told the world a few weeks ago that they’re having a BABY! Hannah had always talked about wanting to do something like this, and I’m so excited we were able to pull it off!

We told Josue we needed to practice some bride and groom “first-look” shots, so they needed to dress up and model for me. Josue is always up for some glamour shots so he agreed. Hannah had told Josue they were going to drop off a Christmas gift for a friend after our photo session. So she’d wrapped up a pretty gift and we told Josue to pretend he was the groom opening up a gift from his bride. (We’re just so sneaky.) Hannah had put a onesie and a little reindeer inside. At first, Josue was really, over-the-top exaggerating his reactions. He thought he was supposed to, for the purpose of our practice session. He pulled out the reindeer first and seemed a bit confused as to why they were giving a reindeer to their friend. Then he opened the rest of the gift and looked at the onesie that read, “The adventure begins”. He just looked at it for awhile, still confused, but then it FINALLY sank in. And it was awesome!! He was kind of in shock at first but then the excitement hit and he was so happy! And Hannah and I were just so thrilled that the plan had worked pretty flawlessly!! What a fun session!! SOOOO excited for these two to welcome their little baby this summer! Congrats, Hannah and Josue!!


February 28, 2018

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