Baby Maddox

Baby Maddox is SO adorable!!!! He is seriously just a beautiful little baby!! And he slept through his ENTIRE session except for about 5 minutes at the end when he was getting hungry. But he did so, so great for his photos! He’s the sleepiest newborn I’ve ever taken pictures of, even though I heard he’s not sleeping that much these days… 🙂 Maddox’s parents, Michaela and Zack, are true naturals with their new baby. It was so sweet seeing them interact with Maddox- they’re such great parents! It was so much fun taking this family’s pictures! Michaela’s mom was in town and I’m so glad we got some pictures of her with her new grandbaby! She looked like she was in heaven!! <3 Congratulations to this new family of 3! Maddox is perfect!!










January 18, 2018

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