Rylan and Luke- two of the cutest boys I know!

I just loooooovvvvvveeeee these two boys!!! They are the cutest, sweetest brothers and are so much fun! They also happen to be two of the best dressers ever. They can pull off any look- seriously. Rylan is in Reese’s grade and Luke is in Owen’s preschool class. They are all on the same soccer team. And I just love how close everyone has gotten! I love how they’re such great friends! So I was THRILLED when their mom asked me to do their pictures a few weeks ago! These kids could be Gap models. And they both have the COOLEST, prettiest eyes ever!! And their hair… <3. I literally had to chase them around for most of our photo session and I loved it! These are some of my favorite pictures ever because of how real-life they are. Real-life, people! The tackling, running, laughing, making faces with their daddy- all so real and those are my favorite types of pictures. <3 <3

November 8, 2017

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