Duncan Wedding

I LOVED this wedding!!! I am so amazed by the amount of LOVE that was shown throughout the whole wedding day, not only from the bride and groom, but from their sweet family and friends, as well. It was definitely the most emotional wedding I’ve ever witnessed and it was amazing and beautiful and so, so sweet!! I only met Missy and Jeff recently but it was so obvious what a perfect couple these two are. They are SO in love and their wedding day was just perfect!!! Missy looked absolutely GORGEOUS (like movie star gorgeous), and Jeff was the sweetest groom ever. Not only was it totally obvious how in love he is with his new bride but to top it off, he SANG to her during the ceremony. AND it was a Kenny Chesney song (one of my favorite Kenny Chesney songs ever) and that just made the whole day even more wonderful. (I’m a huge Kenny Chesney fan- HUGE.) And let’s not forget those adorable twin girls, Kaycee and Kaylee. I could have taken their pictures all day long. Such beautiful, sweet, fun girls!! I am so happy for this sweet couple, the twins and their entire family. I am SO, SO glad we could spend their day with them and be a part of their wedding day. Congratulations, Missy and Jeff!!!  <3 <3 <3
** To see even more bride and groom portraits, check out my other blog post!


October 17, 2017

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