Sylas and Sadie- the cutest kids ever!

I <3 these two! Sylas and Reese were in the same preschool class so I got to see him and Sadie (and Shay and Sheree) several times a week for the past year. And it was great! They are some of the sweetest people ever and I just love them! We did an early birthday session last weekend since Sylas is turning 5 and Sadie is almost 2. Sylas (who looks just like his Uncle Seth) was all for taking some pictures (initially, anyway! :)) but Sadie…..was not fond of the camera! The poor girl is so pretty and sweet but can’t stand to see a camera pointed her direction! It was so funny/pitiful! BUT we got some adorable ones of her anyway (especially with some mad expressions- I love those!). Can I also point out how BLUE Sylas’s eyes are?? And what an adorable smile Sadie has?? LOVE! Enjoy your pictures, Shay and family! I love y’all! <3

July 6, 2017

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