Jordan & Dustin- the most gorgeous couple ever!!

Can I just say how much I <3 <3 <3 taking pictures of Jordan and Dustin??? Because I do! These two have been married for almost a year now (wow!) and they are the cutest, sweetest couple ever! Jordan LOVES taking pictures and Dustin tolerates it well, and they’re both just SO good at it. I think Dustin secretly loves our photo sessions, too. 🙂 They are both SO natural and easygoing and are seriously the best picture-takers I know. They look so good together and it’s easy to take pictures of a couple who is so crazy about each other! Plus, they are just great models!  I <3 their pictures!!! And I love Jordan and Dustin!! THANK YOU both so much for being so great! Love y’all!!! <3






June 6, 2017

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