Savanna- Graduation Session

Savanna is a college graduate…again! This time she graduated with her Masters of Science in Criminal Justice from Radford University! Way to go!! I was so excited to take Savanna’s graduation pictures. We seriously go wayyyyyyyyy back to when I used to lifeguard (so 14 years ago, to be exact). Savanna and her brother were “pool rats”, which sounds like not such a good thing, but it just means they hung out at the pool a lot. And we loved having them there! Savanna was such a big help to the lifeguards- she was awesome and so fun! So fast forward from then to present time. Savanna now has her Master’s degree. She also was an all-star volleyball player at RU. Pretty much, Savanna is amazing. She is GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS. She is so smart, nice, funny, talented, humble- the list goes on and on. I’m a big fan of hers, obviously. And even though she claims she’s not a good picture-taker, I beg to differ. She takes beautiful pictures- what a superstar!! And I love that we got a few pictures of her with her gorgeous pup, too! <3 Congrats, Savanna!! So proud of you!

May 17, 2017

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