The Carnes Family- Mountain Lake session!

AHHHH, Mountain Lake! One of my favorite places ever! AND it’s also one of Rachel’s favorite places! Months ago, we planned on doing her family session here, on top of the world! Even though there’s no lake at the moment, and the flowers and trees weren’t really blooming yet, the grounds are beautiful no matter which season we’re in. Plus, we had pretty decent weather on top of the mountain, even with a big rainstorm coming in that evening. (Random sidenote: Mark proposed to me in the gazebo during a snowstorm in December of 2005. Why? Because of my great love for Mountain Lake and the movie “Dirty Dancing”! Patrick Swayze….. <3 ).  Anyway, so we all love Mountain Lake. Moving on…
I first met Rachel, David and Kathryn last summer when we did a family/maternity session at the duck pond . Since that time, the Carnes family has grown by one. Baby Caleb is ADORABLE. He pretty much just stared at me for most of the session until Rachel FINALLY got some smiles out of him! Kathryn, the beautiful, sweet and energetic older sister, was on the go the ENTIRE time! She must love Mountain Lake, too, because she wanted to explore, explore, explore! BUT some of my favorite pictures of her happened as I was chasing her around! She mainly wanted to find “babies” (any animal is a baby to her). And she was so excited when we saw a rabbit and some birds! PLUS, not to be forgotten, David and Rachel’s pictures on the trail under the trees- BEAUTIFUL!!!! I could have taken their pictures there all day but Kathryn was running away so we decided to go catch her. 🙂
Rachel and David, I loved hanging out with y’all at one of the prettiest places around, meeting baby Caleb, and seeing how much Kathryn has grown! Can’t wait to see y’all again! Enjoy your pictures!
PS A big thank you to Rachel’s mom for helping out during the session!! <3

April 12, 2017

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