One of my favorite sessions EVER!

        HELLO!!!! Not only is this my first blog post for JJ Photography (finally! I’m a bit behind around here…), BUT I get to blog about one of FAVORITE SESSIONS EVER! For so many reasons but here are just a few.  1) This session was for one of my best friends (and soulmate), Brooklynn, and her 2 beautiful baby girls. 2) The weather was PERFECT!! Well, it was earlier in the day. It was just a tad cold and windy at our session location on top of a hill but it was amazing weather for JANUARY!! 3) Brooklynn had everyone dressed perfectly. 4) They all looked beautiful. 5) I LOVE taking their pictures (Troy will be in the next set, seriously). 6) Brooklynn had a stressful time getting everyone dressed and ready for pictures that day. So I’m SO glad her pictures turned out the way they did to make the crazy day worth it (I hope). 7) We always have so much fun together and  I hadn’t gotten to see their family since the new baby was born back in December! (Perhaps me having my 4th baby just a few weeks before she had hers has something to do with us not hanging out much for the past few months. But now we’re back in the swing of things.) 
        I could go on and on about how much I loved this session (I obviously already did go on and on). So if you’re still reading this, bless you and enjoy my favorites from their perfect session!! Love you, friend!! 

February 7, 2017

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